Sylvan Lake Homes For Sale: Do You Need An Agent?

With sites, such as Prolistings, Zillow and Trulia, accessible on demand, the for sale by owner process (FSBO) is progressively well known today as more data is promptly accessible on the web, and as smartphone photography has made marketing strangely simple. According to Eddie Tyner, president of, seller movement to its site was up more than 200% for the first quarter of 2015 over the same period a year ago.

One noteworthy pro of listing yourself is saving the weighty 6% commission expense that real estate agents normally charge to market and broker a deal for your home. So on a home that offers for $250,000, the agent fee would be about $15,000. You can abstain from paying this bill totally if you sell it yourself.

That’s a significant saving, but since selling a home is something almost all of us will probably do once or twice in a lifetime, most of us are uncomfortable doing it alone. But could it be well worth 6% of the purchase price of your home in fees to have professional guidance through the process? Below are a few facts to consider when selling your Sylvan Lake home:

Real estate realtors put these four things up for grabs when assisting you with your Sylvan lake properties for sale:

  1. Expertise: Starting off, real estate agents get access to market data including recent sales plus current homes on the marketplace that can be used to market a house quicker and help price a home more correctly. At the same time, having an agent works well time-wise extremely. It may be difficult fixing the sale of a home into a home owner’s normal daily routine and can become overwhelming trying to manage both completing a sale and planning for a move on top of day-to-day life. A REALTOR can show homes when the owner isn’t open to do so, react to inquiries from the audience and their Realtors, and collect valuable reviews from guests – all simple things that save a seller time, money, and aggravation.
  2. Insider Details: Realtors are dedicated to knowing what potential purchasers are looking for in homes. Merely by looking at a home they can propose a variety of ways to increase its appearance, allowing for a diverse visual that would certainly be more appealing to visitors. Potential buyers are also usually more likely to feel relaxed exploring the various rooms and visualizing themselves at that specific property as compared to how they would feel if the current homeowner was the one standing right there beside them.
  3. Marketing: We all know that the use of social media has taken off exponentially in recent years, and with all the different resources available, finding ways to use social media to an advantage may seem impossible and overwhelming. Which sites will be good for marketing your home to potential buyers? Which ones will be a waste of time? Realtors have professional experience in marketing and are able to market your home effectively, making sure you get the visibility it deserves. By working with a real estate agent, homeowners are not only doing less work but can often sell for more than they would in a FSBO sale. It sounds like a good deal.
  4. Perspective: Nearly all home clients today will work with a realtor to stand for their pursuits, so if the seller chooses to market their house while flying solo, they’ll probably be negotiating with a specialist representing somebody else’s needs while counting on their own skills (or absence thereof) to finalize the deal. This could potentially mean your home sells for a smaller amount than desired… and what seller wants that? Alongside this, often times a buyer’s agent does not wish to work with a FSBO due to the fact they’ll end up doing the lion’s share of the work for the exact same amount (or less) than they’d be compensated for if they found similar Sylvan Lake homes For Sale by an agent.

Four Crucial Steps Before Selling Your Home In Sylvan Lake

Prior to starting the repairs, prior to selling your Sylvan lake home or marking schedules in your calendar with regard to an open house, it’s smart to get ready a home marketing plan. Of course, you would like top dollar, but you could make costly home marketing mistakes along the way if your excitement for quickly selling causes you to run out and stick a for sale sign in the yard before being fully prepared to sell.

Motivation for Selling

Explore your reasons for the offering. Everybody has grounds to sell. In the event that you aren’t truly enthusiastic or committed to selling — if it just struck you one day that you should proceed to the other aspect of town you haven’t completely thought through the process — you will be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Investing in a New Home

A lot of people who sell do it to buy another home. Put together a set of neighborhoods where you may want to live and drive there. Head to open houses. Have a look at rates between newer homes vs. older homes. Weigh your alternatives. You might find you’d like to stay where you currently are.

Call Real Estate Agents

Talk with real estate agents, converse with no less than three neighborhood experts. Request that every listing agent gives you a marketing plan that clarifies what they will do to advertise your home. For properties in Sylvan Lake, you can contact Sylvan Lake real estate agent Carl Stepp for help. What’s more, request that the agents set up a comparative market analysis for you and approach each for advice about:

  1. Preparing Your Home for sale

Look at recommendations and consider accepting the most solid advice. By and large, you will need to move out massive and excess furniture.

  1. Repairs before Selling

Not all resale repairs will pay off. You do not want to spend too much money on improvements, but you want to clear repair maintenance problems, which may have been neglected.

  1. Home Staging

You can procure an expert stager, ask that your agent helps with staging or stage it yourself. You will get more for your home when it is staged.

  1. Home Pricing

Do not choose an agent in view of proposed sales price. Some will overbid each other to get the listing. However, don’t overrate. Homes that are overrated frequently sell for less than the market value.

  1. Net Profits from Selling

Experienced agents prepare two net sheets for sellers, both with a low price and a high price. In this way, sellers can be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. If the lowest net price will help you buy the home you want, it’s time for you to find financing.

Look for a Lender

First, call your existing lender to learn how much you need to repay. Then check out new funding offers from your lender or credit union. Compare fees and rates. Also, ask for referrals to home loans from agents. Often, mortgage brokers can provide a wide range of benefits in getting the new mortgage obtained.

Get a loan preapproval letter, so you know how much of a mortgage you qualify to obtain. You don’t need to apply for the highest mortgage, and a more affordable mortgage payment could make you much more comfortable in the long run. Compare mortgage loan types and choose wisely.

Sell Before Buying

The moment your house goes on the market, you might be lured to leap around online seeking out homes.  Next thing you know, you will want to make an appointment to view a few residences. Do not get carried away by virtual tours and beautiful pictures of your dream home. It is almost always more profitable to sell before you buy.

Explore Sylvanlake Waterfront Properties

Whether you plan to stay in your lakeside property or spend weekends and vacations there, the possibilities to make the most of the environment are limitless at Sylvan Lake.

Resting on the shores of the simple, serene body of water that gives the city its name, summers spent in Sylvan Lake suggest the pleasures of sandy beaches and aquatic activities which couldn’t be nearer to what you’d like to call home. However, the wonder of Sylvan Lake is that the town’s amenities stretch out way beyond the water itself.

Waterfront activities

Commutable to the commercial centre of Red Deer, the community-driven town of Sylvan Lake is small and peaceful enough to make you feel a world away from the bustle of the city. This slower tempo of life allows residents to invest more quality time with good friends and family, and waterfront property means getting the choice to relax or get active always. Views of the lake supply the perfect backdrop for a BBQ or evening cocktails while water sports enthusiasts can select to invest their time in a far more energetic manner.

All through the summer, swimming, water skiing, wakeboarding and fishing are right on the doorstep of Sylvan Lake properties while the winter brings skating, cross-country skiing, skating and sledding.

A lakeside destination

For all those whose lifestyle means living in Sylvan Lake is part time only, the waterfront properties make fantastic vacation and summer homes. With the lake being easily reachable from anywhere on the Edmonton-Alberta corridor in under two hours, residing elsewhere and holidaying in Sylvan Lake is a practical option for most.

With the circumventions providing a resplendent environment that makes the most of the long summer days, spending time alone is as pleasurable as regaling with friends or family.

For many who desire time out from the world, solo actions, for instance, practicing yoga or simply sipping on tea as the Sunshine rises over the lake are excellent ways to begin the day. The only drawback is the difficulty you may face as you tear yourself away from your Sylvan Lake pproperty once the holiday is over.

The other aspect of Sylvan Lake

Obviously, lakeside living doesn’t imply residents are limited by only water-based activities. Other amenities in the city provide a great deal of opportunities to spend time away from the lake.

Great shopping is accessible, as are wonderful restaurants while those desperate to dine al fresco can do so in any of the countless parks and picnic locations.

Sylvan Lake’s community spirit is illustrated too by the amount of festivals held each year. Winterfest features family-oriented winter activities from skating to sledding while 1913 Days and nights celebrate the town’s birthday yearly in June.

Jazz at the Lake is an annual weekend-long music festival organized every August while certainly the Canada Day fireworks are not to be skipped. With the Farmers Market kept every Friday evening from May to September too, investing in waterfront property implies having access to more than just the famous lake. As one of the most sought after towns in Central Alberta for both living and tourism, Sylvanlake properties are every bit as well suited for residential use as they are for holidaying.

Contact Sylvan Lake realtor Carl Stepp for waterfront Sylvanlake properties.

Why Local Realtors Should Invest In Improving Their SEO Rankings

Why local realtors should invest in improving their SEO rankings

Everyone knows the name of the game today is positioning your website high up in search engine rankings. People have short attention spans for sifting through pages of Google results. If a firm or business doesn’t pop up on the first page, the chances a consumer will continue to click through the resulting articles is slim. Realtors, like any other industry, would benefit greatly from investing in their SEO rankings. Local Sylvan Lake Realtor Carl Stepp has had a great deal of success with this concept.

The success of real estate agencies heavily relies on prospective buyers and sellers connecting with their platform. There are a lot of realtors available today. Their market is oversaturated, and as such, competition is intense for landing big time clients. The easiest and most sensible way for a real estate agency to distinguish itself from these competitors is by beating them to the top of search results. Top positioning firms that specialize in real estate positioning are crucial allies.

SEO firms with specialization in keyword technology can position these average agencies above the rest through thorough, carefully crafted search engine processes. These firms know exactly what keywords are resonating and trending within the industry, and will strategically incorporate them into website pages, blogs, and social media posts. By blogging about the keywords frequently, indexed website pages will launch the real estate websites far above the rest.

By curating a formidable social media presence in doing so, realtor’s listings will receive far greater exposure from the shared and earned media through social platforms. When realtors garner a presence on Facebook, followers like and share their listings to thousands of friends. The chances of finding the perfect buyer for that listing increase immensely when it’s exposed to a massive social media audience. These followers also form an online community around the agency, and are much more likely to choose them when the time comes to buy or sell a home. An example of this in action is:

In addition, this increased name recognition and widespread exposure builds credibility for the realtor. People like to stick to brand name products and services for predictability of a quality job. If consumers are widely familiar with a real estate agency, they are more likely to use it than one they’ve never heard of. Name ID is one of the most important requirements factored in by consumers before they do anything. They want to know the business past, goals, aspirations, and position in the community. SEO optimization and a reputable social media presence gives them all the information they want for formulating an opinion. Listing specialized sites increases exposure such as the Sylvan Lake Properties website.

Digital Marketing is here and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Keyword technology is a massive component of Digital Marketing and strategic business positioning today. Realtors who are utilizing all of the benefits of Digital and Inbound Marketing are outpacing the competition. Agencies with no SEO optimization or social media presence are growing irrelevant. Local realtors should invest in improving their SEO rankings so members of the surrounding communities get to know them. It’s only a matter of time before their Name ID surpasses competitors and consequently consumers choose them every time.

Advantages of Owning a Recreational Property In Sylvan Lake Alberta

Living by the waterfront would be a dream come true for a lot of people. The charm is certainly amazing and if you are one of those who want to make this dream of yours a reality, owning a recreational property by Sylvan Lake Alberta is what you need to do.

Sylvan Lake in Alberta has a mesmerizing view and owning a property in the area can be a great investment as well. The location is just wonderful; accessible by all means as it is in central Alberta, has great amenities and the community is also a very strong one.

The possibilities of making the most of your recreational home by Sylvan Lake are endless. You can sit by the shore of the most serene body of water in entire Alberta and watch mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises and take full advantage of the sandy beaches and activities all happening nearby. Here are some awesome advantages of owning a recreational property by Sylvan Lake.

  • The joy of a dream home by the lakeside

Sylvan lake is a small and very peaceful place, and your recreational home by the lakeside can be your reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the world. You can live life at a very slow pace during your time at your property and enjoy the serene settings with your loved ones.

  • Hordes of water activities

A home by the waterfront means you can also be active and indulge in a lot of water activities alongside spending lazy relaxed afternoons by the lake. You can take a dip, indulge in some fishing, swim, arrange a BBQ party, have cocktails or if you are a water sports enthusiast you can spend some time indulging in some energetic activities. Water skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, and ice skating during the winters are just some options you can indulge in.

  • Numerous other advantages

Lakeside living doesn’t only mean that you’ll be limited to water based activities only. There are a lot of other activities in the nearby town which vacationers can make complete use of. Sylvan Lake has amazing shopping opportunities nearby. There are restaurants serving exotic cuisines and you also have a choice of dining al fresco in a number of open parks and picnic spots near the lake.

There are festivals held every year. Summers, the month of June celebrates the birthday of the town and brings a lot of activities and gifts for people attending the celebrations. Winters bring along a lot of family oriented activities and festivals. In short there are fun filled activities round the year.

The only drawback of owning a recreational property by Sylvan Lake is its price. The average price starts from about $750000 and can go up to $3 million. However, those looking for investing in recreational properties already have the much-needed budget so probably there is nothing to be worried about other than finding ways to enjoy your vacations by the mesmerizing lake in your own home.

Contact featured Sylvan Lake realtor Carl Stepp if you have any questions about real estate market in this region.

For Sale By Owners (FSBO) Should Advertise On Multiple Real Estate Sites To Increase Their Home Listing Exposure, Which Increase Visitors And Potential Sales

Selling your own houses without the help of a real estate agent isn’t essentially a difficult task provided that you have mastered the basics. One needs to price the property correctly and ensure that most people get to know that it’s up for sale. For Sale By Owner transactions have become more popular than ever before and thousands home sales in the United States every year are FSBO. However when you are into real estate marketing, it’s best not to do it completely alone. A small industry has emerged which is wholly dedicated to help the FSBO sellers with a wide range of services. By the end of this year a large number of homeowners are selling their properties without the help of a real estate agent and saving thousands of dollars in the process.

FSBO sellers can sell their properties more effectively and efficiently by advertising on more than one real estate website. This would not only enhance their listing exposure but also increase the number of visitors and potential sales. One cannot just put up a ‘For Sale by Owner’ board in their porch and expect clients to turn up. This is all the more impossible if your house is located off the road. This is why it is important to let enough people know that your home is up for sale. Real estate marketing necessitates a solid plan and one way to let more people know about your property is by advertising in more than one real estate website. Therefore FSBO sellers need to have a plan of marketing their home to a larger audience.

The internet is a great tool for selling off your property easily and effectively and homeowners willing to sell their house need to make the most out of it. Apart from advertising on the real estate sites one also needs to advertise on the local weekly newspapers. Another good way to promote your sale is by taking a home video and uploading it on YouTube. This link can now be posted on the sites where you are advertising. The listing on MLS or Multiple Listing Service can be posted on social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook to boost your exposure. When it comes to selling your property the most effective strategy is to run an all out promotional scheme.

Though the MLS doesn’t come with a separate category for FSBO but they contain listings from unrepresented sellers. FSBOs generally circumvent these restrictions by paying a flat price to a real estate broker in order to enter the info. However in such a case the seller isn’t really represented. This is precisely why FSBO sellers should rather resort to advertising on more than one real estate website. You know your home better than anyone. So you can always take some nice shots of your home and put it up in a number of websites. You can even choose to highlight the benefits of the location and all the other advantages which come with your property.

Why Choosing A Sylvan Lake Realtor With Experience To Help You Buy Or Sell A Home

Selling or buying a Sylvan Lake home is one of the most significant transactions you will make in your life. It is crucial to understand that this is a very complex and sometimes difficult process. Obviously, you can choose to walk this path on your own, but many people who have chosen this option claim that using a realtor is a smarter choice. Of course, when we say realtor, we don’t mean any realtor. What you need is a Sylvan Lake realtor with experience. The realtor you choose must have experience in buying and selling homes. In case you are still wondering how an experienced realtor can help you in this process we will highlight some of the most important aspects of their help.


  1. They can help you with home financing. There are many people, especially first time homebuyers, who are not sure how much money they can afford for their new home. As we already said, this is a complex process and it is not just the final price of the home that you see. There are some additional costs of being a homeowner like insurance, taxes, maintenance etc. A realtor with experience will explain all these things. In addition, they can help you find god lenders.
  2. They have current property listings. Thanks to the fast progress of technology; people can use many different sources to look for home. However, not all of these sources are updated on a regular basis and you can end up looking at homes that are no longer available. Instead of wasting your time on outdated listings, consult a realtor with experience because these professionals have the latest property listings.
  3. They have local expertise. Experienced realtors have an extensive knowledge of the local real estate market. If you are like most people interested in buying a new home focused on certain area, you will definitely find their help useful. They know the prices, they know whether they can lower the price or not, they can also give you a prediction for the future of certain area etc. In other words, once you hire an experienced realtor you will rest assured that you know everything about the property you are interested in.


  1. They will market your home. This is definitely the most convenient and most cost affordable way to market your home. Realtors with experience have access to different marketing tools and they can help any homeowner make their home more visible to those who are interested in buying a new home.
  2. They will provide market analysis. These experts will also provide market analysis which will allow homeowners to set a realistic price for their property. They will help you determine the real value of your home.

Benefits for both buyers and sellers

Finally, realtors with experience will also help you with the paperwork. This is a very complex process and involves many different documents. Skilled realtors will make this process smooth and fast.

Fun Things To Do In Sylvan Lake

Summer is the great time of the year when the days are longer; the weather is most suitable for outdoor activities. People tend to work hard in other seasons of the year and save for their summer holidays. But when you’re thinking about the summer season, you’re thinking about ways to get fit for summer as well. If winter makes people lazier, then summer is the most suitable time in year for them to get fit outdoors. There are some activities that can help you lose a few pounds and that also give you the possibility to enjoy a short vacation.

Keeping shape for the summer makes your summer vacation more meaningful. Summer is the great time for you to combine outdoor activities and balanced diets to keep fit. You do not have to go to the gym to keep fit in summer. You have to find a destination that includes beaches, compelling attractions, breathtaking wildlife and the possibily to practice sports.

One of these places is to be discovered among Central Alberta’s lakes, Sylvan Lake. If you live far away from Sylvan Lake, you’ll want to stay in a rental unit or local hotel to enjoy your long vacation here. Nature lovers have the possibility to camp in Sylvan Lake’s provincial parks as well. Actually you can visit Sylvan Lake anytime of the year since Sylvan Lake is known for its winter fun and appealing summer activities. In this post we are going to explore Sylvan Lake in summer: the beaches, activities you can do to have fun and keep fit.

Sylvan Lake is the primary summer destination of many tourists because of the appealing water sports this region offers. Paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, jet skies and boats are available for rent. You can choose the favourite water sport depending on the temperature. If it is not high, flyboarding is the perfect choice. This sport uses a jet pack and a wakeboard, being a heart pounding experience. If you’re not a fan of thrilling water sports, then you can go for activities such as swimming, fishing, building sand castles with your kids.

Another popular tourist activity, this time on land, is hiking and nature exploring. There are various trails that can be followed, from begginers’ trails to day trails and difficult routes. The trail around the lake brings lots of fun; beginners will enjoy this.

Golf lovers will be happy to know Sylvan Lake has gorgeous golf courses. There are some very well-liked golf clubs in Sylvan Lake; some of which are Meadowlands Golf Club, Top O’ the Hill Golf Course. Playing golf is a great way of relaxing and getting closer to the nature.

If you’re looking for more Sylvan Lake attractions, things to see and do here, check out Sylvan Lake Tourism site.

Lifestyle at Sylvan Lake

In this day and age, the hustle and bustle of city life can be grating and wearing on you both physically and mentally. Life in big cities in Alberta, Canada is much the same as in other big cities around the world. You’ll have to face the stress, the traffic jam, the noise – all features of a city life.

Sylvan Lake – A More Peaceful Atmosphere

Sylvan Lake is the perfect destination for you if you want to stay away from noisy city life. Situated in Central Alberta, Sylvan Lake works hard to maintain a truly community atmosphere and exceptional quality of life that is not matched in many other places. The town has witnessed many brand new constructions during the last ten years, such as the Aquatic Centre, the Youth Center and the Multi-Purpose Facility.

Sylvan Lake residents can also go to the curling rink, community center and arena to enjoy the indoor activities and the extensive trails for walking and biking they provide. Sylvan Lake economy has been growing rapidly in the recent years, creating many good job opportunities. This region is a perfect place for you to work and enjoy the fun life.

Playing Spaces For Children

You can bring your kids to the three-screen cinema of Sylvan Lake. Here you can enjoy the hottest movies. There is even an indoor playspace for your kids while you’re watching the film. When living here, you have the chance to enjoy various exciting activities such as hockey tournaments, golf, music festivals, local festivals, beach volleyball. Sylvan Lake’s beach is among the top ten beaches with 1.6km sand and grass beach.. Sylvan Lake is the choice of many tourists all around the world because of the various outdoor activities it provides. If you love the outdoor activities, there are the Sylvan Lake RV Park and the Meadowlands Golf Club providing plentiful activities for you to choose from.

Sports enthusiasts will love the water sports like canoeing, kayaking, pleasure cruises, flyboarding and swimming on a clean, sandy beach. Winter is full of fun in Sylvan Lake. Winter is the perfect time for ice skating, ice fishing and other indoor activities at Aquatic Center.

Life in Sylvan Lake is peaceful and exciting at the same time. Relocating to this great region is the right decision if you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Looking to relocate to Sylvan Lake? Check out featured Sylvan Lake homes for sale on

How To Sell Your Home Fast

As the real estate business sector keeps on improving, potential buyers are turning out by the thousand. Low mortgage rates and a more grounded economy are serving to drive demand. In a few sections of the country, demand now surpasses supply. Also, many homes are being bought in just a few days, if not hours, of being in the market.

If buyers aren’t vying for your newly listed residence, it might really not be dressed to impress. “Boomers and seniors usually have a much harder time offering their homes. It takes them longer in light of the fact that they’re regularly not mindful the amount of work a home needs to get it prepared for showcasing,” says Barbara Corcoran, a host of ABC’s Shark Tank, who staked a $1,000 loan into a $5 billion real estate empire. Besides getting a good broker with experience in your area, competitive prices and the much fanfare “staging” and removal discussions, what can you do to your house to be distinguished from others for a faster sale? Here are a number of less known tips from the experts:

1. Price with round numbers
Reviewing a year of sales in the Houston area, Agent Jim Mulholland determines that listed housing at or just above “00” sold in about 2-1 / 2 weeks compared to four weeks for homes with “99.” The reasoning: “If I were a consumer looking for the $ 300K to $ 400K price range, there is a good chance I will totally ignore some very nice cottages at $ 299K.”

2. Try not to hold back on photographs
As the most esteemed component of real estate sites, photos of the home transform lookers into guests. So make the most of them. “You can’t have an excess of photographs as long as they’re very good, however have no less than six,” says Corcoran. She recommends contracting experts who have practical experience in shooting homes. “It’s best not to have a Realtor shoot them,” she includes.

The shoot ought to be done on a sunny day, after curtains are taken off. You ought to likewise enlighten the picture taker regarding your most loved perspectives or your home’s best features, recommends Patricia Pipkin of the National Association of Realtors. You’ll need to assess photographs before they’re posted, yet they ought to incorporate an outside front, main living room, kitchen, bedrooms and master shower.

3. Storage space sells
Spacious closets and storage spaces is one of the most desired features, especially with younger people who usually buy boomers’ homes. “The problem is,” notes Debra Carney-Schoepe, a Realtor in the Philadelphia area, “numerous boomers live in older homes with restricted storage room. So remove excess seasonal clothing from closets and ‘color-code’ what’s left on the sides to make small areas appear to be bigger and more organized — with vacant hangers in the center.”

Shelving units or organizers in walk-in wardrobe are a fast growing necessity — and worth their $200 price tag. Additionally, pare down kitchen cabinets and take away drain cleaners as well as other items that could indicate potential issues.

If you’re looking to sell your house without an agent, you should consider FSBO real estate marketing service provided by Uppgroup Inc. With years of experience in real estate marketing field, Uppgroup Inc. can help you sell your home fast.