Why Local Realtors Should Invest In Improving Their SEO Rankings

Why local realtors should invest in improving their SEO rankings

Everyone knows the name of the game today is positioning your website high up in search engine rankings. People have short attention spans for sifting through pages of Google results. If a firm or business doesn’t pop up on the first page, the chances a consumer will continue to click through the resulting articles is slim. Realtors, like any other industry, would benefit greatly from investing in their SEO rankings. Local Sylvan Lake Realtor Carl Stepp has had a great deal of success with this concept.

The success of real estate agencies heavily relies on prospective buyers and sellers connecting with their platform. There are a lot of realtors available today. Their market is oversaturated, and as such, competition is intense for landing big time clients. The easiest and most sensible way for a real estate agency to distinguish itself from these competitors is by beating them to the top of search results. Top positioning firms that specialize in real estate positioning are crucial allies.

SEO firms with specialization in keyword technology can position these average agencies above the rest through thorough, carefully crafted search engine processes. These firms know exactly what keywords are resonating and trending within the industry, and will strategically incorporate them into website pages, blogs, and social media posts. By blogging about the keywords frequently, indexed website pages will launch the real estate websites far above the rest.

By curating a formidable social media presence in doing so, realtor’s listings will receive far greater exposure from the shared and earned media through social platforms. When realtors garner a presence on Facebook, followers like and share their listings to thousands of friends. The chances of finding the perfect buyer for that listing increase immensely when it’s exposed to a massive social media audience. These followers also form an online community around the agency, and are much more likely to choose them when the time comes to buy or sell a home. An example of this in action is:



In addition, this increased name recognition and widespread exposure builds credibility for the realtor. People like to stick to brand name products and services for predictability of a quality job. If consumers are widely familiar with a real estate agency, they are more likely to use it than one they’ve never heard of. Name ID is one of the most important requirements factored in by consumers before they do anything. They want to know the business past, goals, aspirations, and position in the community. SEO optimization and a reputable social media presence gives them all the information they want for formulating an opinion. Listing specialized sites increases exposure such as the Sylvan Lake Properties website.

Digital Marketing is here and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Keyword technology is a massive component of Digital Marketing and strategic business positioning today. Realtors who are utilizing all of the benefits of Digital and Inbound Marketing are outpacing the competition. Agencies with no SEO optimization or social media presence are growing irrelevant. Local realtors should invest in improving their SEO rankings so members of the surrounding communities get to know them. It’s only a matter of time before their Name ID surpasses competitors and consequently consumers choose them every time.